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Inscribed Gifts Kenya

Inscribed Wooden Mahogany Board

Inscribed Wooden Mahogany Board

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Our inscribed wooden awards are perfect for recognizing corporate excellence.

We offer a unique collection of wooden awards that people love to hold and feel and admire! You won’t find them anywhere else.

we design each piece to convey your special personalized message that convey your message of thanks with authenticity, and make people feel really special, which is what you want any recognition award to do. 

Wooden Award: any trophy, recognition award, or plaque that is made from wood.

Wooden award plaques are a great way to say thank you or appreciate someone. Wooden awards are often used for sustainability awards, green initiatives, workplace awards, business awards, certification programs, student awards and conservation efforts, though they can be personalized for virtually any occasion.

Many recipients consider their personalized wood award as priceless, and often display them proudly for years as a reminder of feeling appreciated.


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