Our Story

My name is Taher and my love for creativity began when I was in High School at MSB Nairobi.
I self learnt digital design and would randomly create stuff that would make me happy :). Soon, this hobby turned into a business. I tried out various fields related to design and after a few years, while checking out an expo at KICC, I finally found what I now really wanted to do :)
I saw this amazing piece of machinery that could do wonders, and an Idea hit me!! I started to research about it, and realized that no one in the Kenyan market was offering what I wanted to.
At this point, in 2011, I was in college, in Computer Pride Training Center, pursuing an IT course. Furthermore, I had a tour company in partnership with my best friend, Al-Anwar, I also had a printing business, and was in the process of trying out other business ideas too....
Soo.. It became my mission to now follow this amazing new idea, this dream, and turn it into a reality.
After some few years of sticking with that mission, research, looking for investment and putting great effort into it, with the blessings of our Spiritual Leader, support from friends and family and support from my college, Computer Pride Training Centre, finally... Inscribe Kenya was born. This was in the year 2015.
Yes, hard work pays off, but not instantly.... takes time... 😊
Now, I had the idea, I had the equipment, I had the location Setup... what next ?
For the next one year, I struggled a bit to keep up.. but... I didn't give up...
I needed marketing which was very expensive at that time. You know it all, fliers, newspaper adds... these would be costly and also time consuming.
Soon, in September 2016, my best friend and I discovered online marketing, like Facebook was a boooooommm at that time... you would see everyone scrolling on their phones... so, I went on and created a product and posted it online. On my whastapp status, on facebook and others...
Guess what my first product was ? The photo Keychain 😀
This worked well, and with this, customers started to ask for new products, they would describe what they wanted, and I would come up with that.. this is how our range of products came up.
I started online marketing... created new products one by one,  photo frames, Wall Clocks, awards e.t.c.
The rest now, is History....
Its been almost more than 6 years now... and this is all because of the blessings from our spiritual leader, Dr. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS, my Family, Friends, and because of YOU!, our amazing customer, who supported us all these years. ASANTE SANA! 😀 and welcome to the Inscribe Kenya Family.
You may contact me any time on +254715928420 :)
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